Your garage door relies on many parts working together efficiently in order to operate as intended, and when one part malfunctions, the results are potentially life-threatening. Luckily, there are many preventative measures you can take to reduce the extent of harm that might come from a malfunctioning garage door part. One of these parts is the garage door safety cable. Let’s look at what a garage door safety cable does, why they’re important, and its installation process.

How Is It Different From A Standard Garage Door Cable?

When talking about garage door safety cables, you might think it’s just another way to refer to a garage door cable. In reality, there is a discrete difference between a garage door safety cable and a standard garage door cable. When talking about garage door cables, one is usually referring to the lifting cables, which support either the spring system. The lifting cables and springs work together to open and close the garage door safely. 

A safety garage door cable, on the other hand, is extra reinforcement in case something goes wrong. Specifically, they further secure the garage door springs if they break apart. Let’s take a look at the potential consequences of not installing garage door safety cables.

garage door safety cable

Why Install A Garage Door Safety Cable?

Garage door springs are an essential part of making sure your garage door functions properly. If the springs are poorly maintained, worn out, or in dire need of replacement, they will snap apart. When a spring breaks, it can fall off the garage door, dangle from above, or even hit and damage a part of your garage, your car, or even another person. If the spring comes apart and a garage door safety cable is installed, they will stay in one place, reducing the amount of damage and harm to you, your loved ones, and your property.

How Do Professionals Install Garage Door Safety Cables?

When ordering garage door safety cables, they will often come in kits and will appear straightforward enough for a DIY installation. However, for your safety, let a certified professional handle the installation. That said, you might feel better knowing how the installation occurs so you can tell if it was done properly down the line. The steps to installing a garage door safety cable are as follows: 

1. Begin Threading Through The Frame

When installing a garage door safety cable, you first need to thread the open end of the cable through the horizontal metal garage door frame. This frame is located at the attachment point of the pulley’s cable. Upon locating this frame, find the hole that’s close to the garage door opening through which to thread.

2. Thread Through The Center

Next, you will proceed to thread the cable through the center of the spring. Do this until the safety cable reaches the point where the spring is attached. 

3. Thread Through The Support

Upon reaching the upper vertical metal spring support, which is where the spring is attached, you will thread the safety cable through it before looping it back around.

4. Secure The Safety Cable

After looping the safety cable around, you will need to ensure that it’s absolutely secure. The stability of the installation should be nice and tight and secured with a cable clamp. 

Compared to most installation processes for garage door parts, the steps required for a garage door safety cable are pretty simple. Nevertheless, you should still rely on a professional for the most successful results possible. A professionally installed garage door safety cable is less likely to face operational challenges in the future.

Armadillo Garage Door Repair Gets The Job Done!

Now that you know why garage door safety cables are important, you can think about investing in them.  Because safety is important, you want to hire the best technician to install your garage door safety cable. Luckily, Armadillo Garage Door Repair employs the best technicians in all of Humble, so contact us today and get started.

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