Stunning garage door safety features

At some point, you need to say goodbye to your outdated garage doors and find a replacement. If your garage doors take forever to open or they simply won’t work, you need a change of pace, to say the least. If you find yourself in this situation, then you should look for new garage doors.

There are many incredible garage doors out there that our team can help you install. But first, you need to know exactly what you need. After dealing with the garage doors you have, you deserve something that can provide convenience and safety. This is why you should learn the garage door safety features you need below to get started.

Why You Need New Garage Doors

For those out there that are dedicated to your old garage door, you shouldn’t be. There is an assortment of problems you have to deal with regularly with old garage doors. This includes your garage door not closing fully, your garage door opener not working properly, and even your garage doors collapsing altogether.

Old garage doors can be a safety hazard, especially if you find them collapsing often. A garage door can weigh as much as 300 pounds, and if this collapses at any given moment, it might slam onto your vehicle, or someone could get severely injured.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then get rid of those old doors. You could be missing out on many of the new technological features that garage doors have developed over the years. With a new garage door, not only will you be able to protect yourself, but you will also be protecting your pockets. Check out some of the many features that a new garage door offers below.

Safety Features You Need

There are many safety features for both your garage door and opener that will ensure your safety and your home’s protection.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is the first safety feature we would like to go over. Thanks to motion detection, other features can be implemented, like the auto-reverse we will discuss shortly. This also provides automatic lighting.

Automatic Lighting

Motion detection allows the automatic lighting to turn on, which is especially beneficial during the nighttime. This garage door opener safety feature helps keep you aware of your surroundings and remain safe when parking or pulling out of your driveway at night. Opt-in for LED lighting if you prefer eco-friendly lighting that is easier to maintain.


Motion detection makes the auto-reverse feature of many garage doors possible. Detecting an object while in operation causes the garage door to reverse. The auto-reverse feature also occurs when the garage doors feel something moving against them, keeping both objects and people safe.

The auto-reverse feature can literally be a lifesaver and is possibly the best safety feature here. Auto-reverse has been a required feature for garage doors since 1993, so you most likely have this feature installed on your current garage door.

Pinch Resistance

One of the many flaws in old garage doors is the gaps that are left when they open and close. If you are not careful, something like a finger can get caught in these gaps, causing many issues. Thankfully, modern garage doors have a feature called pinch resistance you can rely on. Pinch-resistant panels cover these gaps as best as possible so there won’t be any hand injuries or other belongings somehow getting stuck in your garage door.

Auto-Close Functionality

While in a hurry, you can completely forget to close your garage door. If this happens, your home will be at risk of a break-in. Thankfully, the auto-close feature for modern garage doors will keep your home safe in this situation. This detects how long the garage door has been opened, then activates if too much time has passed. You can even set how much time you want to transpire before this feature activates.

Garage door safety features

Armadillo Garage Door Repair Can Install Your New Doors

You no longer need to rely on your old garage door anymore. It will only cause more problems than it fixes. Instead, get yourself a new garage door with all the incredible features above. Once you find the right fit for you, give our team a call. We have just the installation service you need to get your garage doors up and running.

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