There are many garage dangers that homeowners aren’t aware of, one being a cluttered garage. A cluttered garage is especially hazardous since 93% of homeowners use their garage as a storage space. If this space isn’t organized it could lead to tripping over items and seriously injuring yourself. Thankfully, in this blog, we will show you some garage safety tips to ensure you and your family remain safe from fire hazards, carbon monoxide poisoning, garage door collapses, and much more. Explore some of our tips below to get started.

Garage Safety Tips

Garage Dangers

If you want a more in-depth look at how a garage can be hazardous, learn more about some of the following dangers:


Storage boxes, wires, and other things can add to the clutter, making it more likely for you to trip and harm yourself. In fact, slipping or falling accounts for one-third of all recorded injuries in garages. You must maintain a clear garage floor and a tidy workspace to reduce this risk.

Carbon Monoxide

If carbon monoxide (CO) builds up in your garage, you and your family will be in danger since it is fatal. Leaving your car running in an enclosed space will also cause the CO levels to rise to deadly levels. If the CO gets into your home, your family could breathe it in and have carbon monoxide poisoning.

Poor Lighting

When you take the clutter from earlier and combine it with a low-lit garage, you are just asking for trouble. Not only are you running the risk of tripping, but if you work in your garage, the poor lighting could strain your eyes and lead you to accidentally harm yourself with sharp tools.


Many people store chemicals such as pesticides, antifreeze, paints, and other hazardous materials in their garages all the time, which can be very dangerous if not stored properly. Since these substances are also flammable, they might completely destroy both your home and your garage, and you would be none the wiser until it’s too late.

Garage Safety Tips

Now is the time to learn how to prevent these garage dangers from surfacing with some garage safety tips. Check out how you can keep your garage safe with the following tips:

Manage Your Garage

To keep everything in order, you must manage your garage first. This makes navigating your garage easier and less likely to result in any mishaps. To do this, get rid of everything you no longer need, replace your storage boxes with plastic storage containers, and hang up your tools and equipment on pegboards and Slatwalls. These are just a few ways you can organize your garage.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Never leave your vehicle on for a prolonged period of time whether your garage doors are open or closed. The CO levels will still rise and the build-up will filter into your home. You should install a carbon monoxide detector to remain safe. This detector will keep you aware of the CO level and proceed accordingly.

Fire Safety

Hazardous substances, like chemicals, need to be kept in a lockable cabinet. Make sure to keep these things out of the reach of children, particularly in a high place. You should also dispose of any outdated chemicals or paints that you no longer need.

Go to a nearby hazardous waste station to safely dispose of any paint, and consider adding a smoke alarm and a fire extinguisher to your garage. This extra safety ensures that you are covered in case the worst were to happen.

Garage Safety Tips

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With the aforementioned garage safety tips, you are almost prepared for garage dangers. All you need to do now is take advantage of Armadillo Garage Door Repair’s many services. With our garage door repair and maintenance services, your garage door will be in good condition for the foreseeable future. Without these services, your door could break down and cause an injury. So don’t hesitate any longer and get in contact with our team to get started.

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