Garage door opener.

Everything in life is fine and dandy until your garage door opener refuses to do its job. This issue will appear when you desperately need it to function properly, like when preparing to leave for work or when taking your child to school.

When your garage opener is bugging out, it quickly puts a hold on your already hectic schedule. But sitting around and hoping it fixes itself won’t do you much good. Instead, come on down to Armadillo Garage Door Repair, where we can fix all your opener problems with either a repair or a replacement. Learn why you need our services below.

Why You Need a Change

If your garage door opener is giving you trouble, you need to change things up a bit. We urge you to inspect your opener to determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced, regardless of whether it is an outdated or newer model. Based on the issues you are having, you’ll be able to tell which one best fits you.

The main problems people have with their openers are a result of aging or improper maintenance. This causes a number of issues to surface, including your garage door moving slower than usual, refusing to open or close, and many other problems. See if you require repairs or a replacement below.

Repair Vs. Replace

It can be challenging to decide whether your garage door opener needs to be repaired or replaced. Fortunately, we can show you the warning signs to look out for in case your opener needs our services. We can also show you the course of action you need to take when looking to repair or replace your opener.


Repairing a garage door opener is more common than getting them replaced. Most of our customers seek this service when their appliance needs a little fixing up. Problems typically faced consist of the garage door not responding to the remote or the garage door not closing or opening properly.

These are some of the small but significant issues our team can fix with ease for you. This cost-effective solution is quick and simple to ensure your safety. A replacement, however, is a more costly decision that will take more of your time than a repair.


If your garage door opener is older than a decade, you should probably look into getting a new one. Older openers not only lack modern features but also basic functionality if not maintained. You will notice you need a replacement if your garage door moves slower than usual. If this happens, your garage door is having trouble functioning and without the care it needs, it will eventually give out and collapse, posing a safety risk.

You might also need a replacement if your garage door vibrates frequently or your opener makes loud noises. These are uncommon signs that indicate you may need a replacement. Even though replacing your opener can be expensive, it’s for the best. Depending on the garage door opener you buy, you will not only keep yourself and your family safe but also get to use many of the features modern openers have to offer.

Garage door opener

Maintain Your Garage Door Opener with Armadillo

If you are wondering how to replace or repair a garage door opener, simply give us a call. The team of experts here at Armadillo Garage Door Repair will diagnose your problem and solve it without delay. Our crew is available to assist you anytime you need it, regardless of how serious your situation is or not. Check out our opener services to get going right away.

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