Garage door panels are one of the first things people notice when passing your home. A well-designed home has a garage door with panels that aesthetically complement the rest of the home’s exterior design. Unfortunately, garage door panel replacement is an inevitable part of having a garage. Maybe an accident or severe storm caused one of your panels to sustain damage, or perhaps multiple panels are dented or visibly aging. Whatever the damage may be, it’s wise to know how to determine the best materials for garage door panel replacement when the time comes.

Single Panel Vs. Full Garage Door Panel Replacement

Before diving into which materials are best for a garage door panel replacement, you must first evaluate the entire state of your garage door. Specifically, determine if the damage is contained to one panel or if it has been inflicted on multiple panels. A single-panel replacement is a reasonable investment if just one garage door panel is in poor condition. 

However, if multiple panels are in less-than-ideal shape, you might save more money with a complete replacement of all panels. Paying to repair or replace each individual panel could potentially become more expensive than a comprehensive replacement. Finally, if you only need to replace one panel, you should stick with the same material as the rest of the panels. For a full door replacement, you can think about trying something new for your garage door.

The Best Materials For A Full Garage Door Panel Replacement

If the condition of your garage door panels calls for a full replacement, you’ll need to consider which material will best suit your home’s aesthetic and needs. Based on where you live, consider the ideal durability of your door and how much maintenance you’re willing to commit to. Here are five of the best materials for a full garage door panel replacement.

1. Steel

If you live in an area that experiences harsh weather conditions and events, a steel garage door might be the best option for your garage door panel replacement. This material is strong and durable against wind, water, and other elements and can easily be insulated. You can also increase this door’s longevity by adding a protective coating. Without this coating, your steel door will easily rust, especially if you live in a coastal area.

2. Wood

If you don’t want to worry about rust, wood garage door panels make for an ideal replacement. The best wood garage door panels are manufactured to be layered to prevent warping. There are also many kinds of wood to choose from for wood garage door panels. This material is customizable to suit any style or appearance. That said, you’ll need to ensure that you’re willing to commit to the maintenance required for a pure wood garage door.

wood garage door panel repalcement

3. Fiberglass

If rust prevention is a priority for your garage door panel replacement, consider fiberglass panels. The stylistic versatility of this material can give your garage a contemporary look or a rustic appearance with a faux-wood finish. This material is far more breakable on impact, such as if a vehicle collides or strong winds create dents.

4. Vinyl

Vinyl, unlike fiberglass, is far more durable since it can withstand winds and is less likely to dent. They are also less prone to rust and more weather-resistant due to steel framing and polyurethane insulation. Vinyl garage doors also don’t require as much upkeep as their fiberglass counterparts. However, if you care about curb appeal and creativity, your options with vinyl will be far more limited in the design department.

5. Composite Materials

A garage door panel replacement that uses composite materials can combine the best qualities of multiple materials to give your garage door the durability and longevity it needs. Composite materials are also easily customizable to suit any style and can be coated in any color or pattern. These doors also include polystyrene insulation, making them a great option for increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

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Hopefully, you can proceed to make the best choice to replace your garage door panel(s) now that you know what materials are available. If you live in Humble, Texas, and you need your garage door panel(s) replaced urgently, you don’t need to look very far for reliable service. Contact us at Armadillo Garage Door Repair; our technicians will install the replacement panels easily.

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