The panels are the first part seen on any garage door. When sufficiently cared for, they provide an extra layer of security and keep up your home’s curb appeal. Unfortunately, garage door panels are not invincible and can either sustain damage from accidents, weather conditions, improper care, or the passage of time. 

When the damage is irreparable, you’ll need to choose the right replacement panels for your garage door. The question: how do you choose the right ones? Keep reading this blog so you can be prepared when the time comes to replace your garage door panels. 

How To Choose The Right Replacement Panels For Your Garage Door

The thought of having to choose the right replacement panels for your garage door can be intimidating. Do you just stick with the same panels as before or go for something new? Are there any additions worth considering for your replacement panels? These questions and others will be answered as you learn how to choose the right replacement panels for your garage door with these four tips:

1. Consider Your Budget

When it comes to choosing replacement panels for your garage door, the best place to start is with your budget. You want to ensure that you have a reasonable amount of funds to pay for a replacement at all. If you don’t, you can make a plan to start saving money. You can also reach out to a garage door service to obtain an estimate and use that to guide your budget plan. The cost of a replacement depends on many factors, including size, material, and whether or not you’ll include additional features.

2. Panel Shape And Size

Panel shape and size are other considerations to keep in mind when choosing replacements. You can easily use your current garage door panels as a reference for size and shape. Knowing this information will make the process of finding your replacement easier. 

choose the right replacement panels shape and size

3. Matching Materials And Style

Whether you plan to use the same material as your original panels or want to try something new, you want to ensure that the material you choose and the style of the panels complement the rest of your home. Unless you’re in the process of a complete exterior remodel, you want to keep up your home’s curb appeal by ensuring that the material and style of the panels match the current style of your home.

4. Insulation, Windows, And Other Features

Finally, when choosing the right replacement panels for your garage door, consider whether you want any additional features or not. Windows, for example, can be a great way to boost the aesthetics of your garage door and be a source of natural light. Insulation can be a great way to regulate the internal temperature of your garage during the summer and winter. There are also plenty of other features to consider for your panels that you should account for when searching for a replacement.

Armadillo Garage Door Repair Will Help You Choose The Right Replacement Panels!

We hope that these four tips on how to choose the right replacement panels for your garage door make the process nice and easy. Maybe you’ll stick with the exact same panels that you had before, or perhaps you’ll go for something just a little bit different. Don’t forget to account for your budget, panel dimensions, materials, style, and additional features. 

The best part? You don’t have to find a replacement by yourself. With help from the right garage door service, you can easily obtain the right replacement panels in no time. If you live in Humble, Texas, you can contact us at Armadillo Garage Door Repair for the best panel replacement service.

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