Are your garage door panels extremely warped or rotted? Are they dented from a car accidentally backing up against them? Has the passage of time taken a visible toll on the appearance of your garage door? Is your garage door barely able to operate normally due to the state of the panels? Is repairing your panels going to cost more money than it would to replace them? 

If these questions are on your mind, the time has come to invest in a garage door panel replacement. Given the size of most garage doors, you would be correct to assume that this process can be risky. Fortunately, that danger can be reduced by following the necessary garage door panel replacement safety precautions. 

4 Garage Door Panel Replacement Safety Precautions

Experts strongly recommend leaving panel replacement in professional hands. However, knowing about the most essential garage door panel safety precautions will allow you to do your part to reduce possible incidents. Such incidents can include damaging other garage door parts, bodily injuries, and potential impairments to your garage door’s operation. Keep reading to learn about four of these vital safety precautions: 

1. Turn Off The Opener

Like every repair or replacement process, the first garage door panel replacement safety measure you want to take is to turn off the opener. Of course, switching off the opener isn’t enough if you really want to prevent accidents. You will also need to disconnect the opener from its power source so it does not get mistakenly turned on again. Because you’ll be replacing the panels, your garage door will need to remain closed during this process. 

2. Have The Right Safety Equipment

Another important part of garage door panel replacement safety is to ensure you have the right safety equipment at your disposal. While most garage door technicians bring their own safety equipment, it never hurts to ensure you have some of that equipment on hand, just in case. This equipment includes gloves, a ladder, a hard hat, and even safety glasses.

garage door panel replacement safety tools and equipment

3. Obtain The Right Tools

Having the right tools is also essential when it comes to garage door panel replacement safety. You want to have the right tools for both individual and full panel replacement procedures, especially if the technician you hire needs something extra. Any garage door panel replacement toolbox should include locking pliers, an impact wrench or cordless drill, wrenches, and a small concrete block. With these tools, the replacement will surely go off without a hitch. 

4. Assess The Damage

Finally, before starting the replacement process, it is absolutely important to assess the state of the garage door panel’s damage. By assessing the damage, you can describe the current state of your soon-to-be-replaced garage door panels, allowing the technician to be fully prepared to remove them. That way, there won’t be any surprises when the time comes to proceed with the panel replacement.

Trust Armadillo Garage Door Repair To Replace Your Garage Door Panels!

These four garage door panel replacement safety precautions will make the replacement process free of any incidents. Just remember to turn off and disconnect the garage door opener, ensure you and the technician can access the right safety equipment and tools, and take time to assess the damage. Speaking of safety, you also want to hire the best garage door repair service to replace your panels. 

If you happen to live in Humble, Texas, you don’t need to look very far for the best garage door service in your area. Our technicians are highly skilled and have years of training and experience. Contact us today at Armadillo Garage Door Repair to replace your panels. 

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