Going green has its benefits. Not only does going green ensure the planet is saved from ourselves, but it can help save you money and enhance your overall health and lifestyle. There are many ways to live a sustainable life; you can recycle, go vegan, switch to electric, drive less, and even learn how to save energy in the garage. To do the latter, we have compiled five ways to save energy in the garage, to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

How To Save Energy In The Garage

5 Ways To Save Energy In The Garage

Saving energy is an essential part of living a sustainable life, and learning how to save energy in the garage is a great way to get started. Reduce your carbon footprint one step at a time with the methods below.

Insulate, Insulate, Insulate

What do your garage roof, door, and walls have in common? They all need insulation, which is necessary when conserving energy in your garage. Insulating your garage doors will also make them quieter and more durable.

Insulating your roof and walls will get rid of any cracks and ensure you don’t lose any heating and cooling. You can also insulate around your light switches and outlets to keep those small openings sealed shut. Once that is done, your garage will be protected from carbon monoxide poisoning, and much more.

Switch To LED Lights

Another great way to increase the energy efficiency of your garage is by replacing your lightbulbs with LED lights. Compared to typical light bulbs, LED lights use less energy, produce more light, and have a far longer lifespan. These lights also use 20% less power than fluorescent lights use.

Upgrade Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is essential for any garage. However, if you happen to have an outdated opener, it will use a lot more energy than newer models, in addition to being noisy. With a new garage door opener, you can expect a world of difference as well as many new features that will make life easier. In fact, the standby mode allows you to save 75% more energy than usual.

Install Garage Windows

If you’ve noticed your garage is a tad bit dark inside, installing windows in your garage doors will add some natural lighting to your space. These windows will prevent you from unintentionally knocking over any items in your garage when entering. Garage windows will also help you conserve your electricity and energy, lowering your headache-inducing energy bills. And if you already have windows installed, it may be time to get new ones. Old windows might become cracked or the weather stripping might be too worn out after a long period of time. This will cause air to seep into your garage, making the insulation we mentioned earlier pointless.

Improve Your Storage

A cluttered garage is not only hard on the eyes, but can lead to many problems if you neglect to clean it. When your garage is cluttered, it’s not only uncomfortable; the airflow will also be obstructed and pests will appear. To prevent rodents from eating all the insulation you built, make storage improvements to your garage. You can free up space and save money by investing in storage containers, slat walls, cabinets, and other solutions.

How To Save Energy In The Garage

Armadillo Garage Door Repair Can Help

Learning how to save energy in the garage can be tiring, which is why you should rely on Armadillo Garage Door Repair to keep your garage doors in the optimum condition. Our services will prevent your heating and cooling from escaping your garage and save energy. We provide many other services just waiting to be explored, so give our team a call today to get started.

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