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If you are a homeowner, chances are that you have a garage door. If you have a garage door, you may have noticed that you have a keypad with it. Have you ever used this keypad? This could be from a past homeowner or maybe you installed it a week ago. However it got there, it’s there now. But do you know how to change the code on the garage door keypad? Knowing how to change your keypad’s code is useful. So let’s go over the process! 

Why Would I Need To Change The Code On My Garage Door Keypad?

If you’re thinking about changing the code on your garage door keypad, chances are you have a reason to need to change the code. However, it’s still good to think about a few more reasons why you would need to change the code in security cases you may not think of.

Some security reasons that may get you to look up “how to change code on garage door keypad” could be that you recently bought a house from someone who knew the code and can no longer be trusted in your home without you there. Or maybe you recently broke up with someone, and they knew the code. Your kids could have shared it with their friends thinking nothing harmless would happen. Another example could be that you have never changed your code. It would be easy for intruders to attempt to guess a code like “1234,” and then your garage door would be vulnerable to burglars.

So it’s important for you to know the answer to “how to change code on garage door keypad?”

How Do I Change The Code?

Garage door keypad

Source: Factory Hardware Store

Now that you know why you should change your garage door code, we should go over exactly how to change it. 

Step 1. Gather Required Materials

Before getting started, you will need a screwdriver and a ladder. You may also want to have a pack of batteries available if your keypad is operated with them. Changing your batteries while taking care of the code prevents the need to do so later.  

Step 2. Find Your Garage Door Opener’s Motor

To do this, you will need your ladder. Place your ladder underneath the garage door opener. Then climb up until you can reach it. 

Step 3. Reset It

Once you have found the motor of the garage door opener, you will need to reset it. To do this, there should be a button that says “reset” on the control panel. Next to the button, there should be a light. While pressing the reset button, you wil notice that the light will turn on. You will need to keep pressing the reset button until the light that is beside it turns off. Once the light turns off, you can stop pressing the reset button. 

Step 4. Enter Your New Code

Once you have stopped pressing the reset button, the memory of the motor would have been wiped completely. This means you may now enter a new code. 

In order to enter a new code, you will need to press the reset button yet again and hold it until the light returns. Once the light has returned, you may now enter your new code. After entering your new code, you may noticed that the light is now blinking. This is an indicator that your new code was accepted. To ensure this, hold down the reset button until the light officially stops. And there you have it, a new code.

Step 5. Reprogram The Remotes

What good are your remotes if they don’t work with the new code? Let’s change that. All you will need to do is press and hold a button until you see the garage door opener’s motor light starts flashing. Once you see the flashing lights, you will know that the remote has been reprogramed.

Need Help With Your Garage Door Keypad And Remotes? 

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